From the Mineral Water Capital of Australia

Hepburn Springs Naturals

Hepburn Springs  Naturals
.. from the Mineral Water Capital of Australia

Our History

  Hepburn Springs Naturals has been successfully operating since 1997.  We have strived hard to make your skin lovely as naturally as possible using the best Nature has to offer.

 There is no difference between good health and natural beauty.  

Our products are designed and put together (without any animal or human experiments) by a Registered Australian Holistic Healer - Ms Viesha Lewand  in the MINERAL WATER CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA.  

The only animal product we use is the Goatsmilk in our goatsmilk soap  The best quality in our moisturisers and creams are the natural minerals from our waters - women have been placing mud on their faces for many years - its rebuilding and beautifying properties come from the MINERALS which are natural and small enough to penetrate your skin - just like our products.  That's why we add our mineral water to penetrate your skin and rebuild it.  The next important ingredient is our SEAWEED collagen (we do not use animal nor fish collagen at all in any of our ingredients). The seaweed collagen is extracted by the water method. 

Collagen is the ingredient which sits just under your skin elasticising it to stop wrinkling.  

We believe that the natural oils, collagen and of course the natural minerals are the best skin rebuilders and beautifiers. 

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