From the Mineral Water Capital of Australia

Hepburn Springs Naturals

Hepburn Springs  Naturals
.. from the Mineral Water Capital of Australia

All our soaps are ORGANIC and BIODYNAMIC, no colours just nouishing oils and natural minerals

About Us

Our Products are Natural, Organic, Biodynamic

Naturally beautiful

We have been around for over 20 years for a reason.  People love our natural products.

Our History


Our Company was initiated by Viesha Lewand, Holistic Healer to nourish you internally and externally

Some of our clients are surprised  that when we do a face to face Beauty consult we look firstly at the degree of ageing against the actual age of our client

We consult this way because if you’re not digesting nor absorbing well you will need more nourishment via your beauty products than others to regenerate cells.  We also sell non irradiated herb teas to help you regain health and beauty

Our Mud Soaps


Our Mud Soaps are Organic and Biodynamic - export quality

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